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    Bundor triple eccentric butterfly valve exported to Southeast Asia for winery construction

    Posted by Bundor valve
    Project Name: A winery in Southeast Asia purchases the triple eccentric butterfly valve from Bundor

    Customer name: A winery in Southeast Asia

    Purchase valve: Bundor triple eccentric butterfly valve

    Customer needs: winery engineering use

    Engineering Content:
    The customer is a Chinese trader from a country in Southeast Asia, which mainly provides valve procurement services for local customers. The Bundor Valve products have high cost performance, good product quality, and a complete range of valves. The Chinese trader has repeatedly helped customers in different industries from Bundor purchases valve products and has established a good partnership with Bundor. As long as its customers in Southeast Asia need valve products, Bundor Valve is preferred.

    This time, a customer of the trader who opened a winery needs to purchase a batch of triple eccentric butterfly valve products. After understanding the procurement needs, the trader directly contacted Bundor Valve. After smooth communication, the trader purchased from Bundor a batch of triple eccentric butterfly valve products.After receiving and installing the valve, the winery was satisfied with the valve quality and delivery time. The demand for valves in the construction of the winery is relatively large.

    Since then, the Chinese winery client has entrusted the Chinese trader to purchase various valves from Bundor for many times, and has become a loyal customer of Bundor.