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    Brass Threaded Ball Valve1
    Brass Threaded Ball Valve2
    Brass Threaded Ball Valve3
    Brass Threaded Ball Valve1 Brass Threaded Ball Valve2 Brass Threaded Ball Valve3

    Brass Threaded Ball Valve

    【Size Range】: 1/2’’-2’’/DN15-50

    【Pressure】: PN16/25

    【Body Materials】: Brass

    【Seat Materials】: PTFE

    【Disc Materials】: Brass

    【Stem Materials】: Brass HPb59-1


    Product Advantages:
    1. Material meet the requirements of the national standards. Mill test report can be provided.
    2. High sealing precision, no need to use sealing oil, valve cavity is clean and hygienic.
    3. High-quality lead brass material and hot forging process can effectively prevent defects such as pores, shrinkage holes, pinholes, etc.
    4. Each valve must be tested in accordance with national standards. Unqualified products will never be shipped.
    5. Two years warranty, pay two back if one. Any quality problem of the product itself, we will pay without conditions.


    Name 1-Body 2-Bonnet 3-Seat 4-Ball 5-Shaft 6-Lever
    Material Brass HPb59-1 Brass HPb59-1 PTFE Brass HPb57-3 Brass Q235
    DN NPS(Inch) G L W
    15 1/2'' 1/2 51 90.7
    20 3/4'' 3/4 57 90.7
    25 1'' 1 69.8 110.7
    32 1  1/4'' 1  1/4 81 124
    40 1  1/2'' 1  1/2 92 124
    50 2'' 2 108 153


    Brass Threaded Ball Valve



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