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    Cast Iron Worm Gear Box1
    Cast Iron Worm Gear Box2
    Cast Iron Worm Gear Box3
    Cast Iron Worm Gear Box4
    Cast Iron Worm Gear Box1 Cast Iron Worm Gear Box2 Cast Iron Worm Gear Box3 Cast Iron Worm Gear Box4

    Cast Iron Worm Gear Box

    【Body Materials】: HT200

    【Transmission ratio】: 30:1

    Protection grade: IP65



    Applicable environment: Outdoor

    Suitable temperature:-20℃~120℃

    Application field: Water supply and drainage, water treatment, water conservancy projects, etc

    Product advantages:

    1. The protection grade of worm gear box reaches IP65.

    2, worm gear box regularly do dust and anti-spray type test, to ensure that the product protection performance is reliable.

    3, lithium base grease, water and oil resistant, not easy to aging, long life (high temperature 150 degrees, low temperature -20 degrees), worm head warranty for 5 years.

    4. The worm adopts 45 steel quenched and tempered treatment, with good comprehensive mechanical properties and long service life.

    5, the range of worm gear regulation is large, most of the products on the market is + 5 degrees, as the worm head is + 10 degrees.

    6. The indicator is made of stainless steel with good rigidity, which can prevent the deformation caused by collision and installation.


    Parts 1 2   3   4 5   6
    Name Body Turbine   Lid   Worm Worm shaft   Handwheel
    Material HT200 QT450-10   QT450-10   45 45   DI
    Transmission ratio Size   Matching drive flange code Overall dimensions(24:1)   Overall dimensions(30:1)   Overall dimensions(50:1)  
      DN NPS(inch)   L1 149 L1 206 L1 217
    24:1 50 2" F05            
      65 2 1/2"   L2 146 L2 210 L2 215
      80 3"              
      100 4" F07 L3 105 L3 153 L3 156
      125 5"              
      150 6"   L4 70 L4 90 L4 92
    30:1 200 8" F010            
      250 10"   L5 35 L5 41 L5 49
    50:1 300 12              
      350 14   ΦD 150 ΦD 200 ΦD 250


    IP65 Water-Proof Gear Box

    Waterproof Worm Gear Box

    Cast Iron Worm Gear Box

    Waterproof Cast Iron Worm Gear Box

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