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    FCU Motorized Valve1
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    FCU Motorized Valve4
    FCU Motorized Valve1 FCU Motorized Valve2 FCU Motorized Valve3 FCU Motorized Valve4

    FCU Motorized Valve

    【Size Range】: DN15-DN25

    【Pressure】: PN16

    【Body Materials】: Brass

    【Seat Materials】: NBR

    【Disc Materials】: Brass+NBR

    【Stem Materials】: Brass


    Suitable medium:Chiled/hot water, Up to 50% Glycol
    Suitable temperature:2~90℃
    Application field: Air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and building automation system
    Voltage:AC24,AC110,AC220V  50/60Hz
    Run Time:open: « 18s; closed: «7s

    Product advantages:
    1.One-time hot forging brass valve body, higher density.
    2.Stainless steel base, aluminum shell.
    3.Totally enclose sealed hysteresis synchronous motor drive, stainless steel spring
    4.Motor voltage and valve body connection can be made as per customer request.
    5.The actuator can be installed onto valve body easily no need other plumbing tools.


    Name Body Disc Seat Stem
    Material Brass 59-1 Brass+NBR NBR Brass
    FCU Motorized Valve
    DN NPS(Inch) A B C
    15 1/2" 72 23 88
    20 3/4" 86 23 96
    25 1" 88 23 98


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